Some Cool Stuff About New York

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Aurora's snapchat of her being excited about rain in ManhattanI know I’ve been on a wild roller coaster since moving here – goodness, gracious, a wild roller-coaster!

(Heck, even tomorrow’s post is about missing LA)

But in the midst of that, I don’t want to lose the fact that there is cool stuff out here!

We get weather now… Weather!

I saw rain! I’ve been in rain! How wonderful is that?

And most importantly… I walk through Times Square all the time – all the time!

I walk through Times Square on the way home from Macy’s both days every weekend, at least, if not more.

Oh, Times Square. Oh Rain. Oh New York.

Even if I have rough moments, or some complaints here and there… you’re pretty swell.

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