(#25) & (#27) Flapper’s Open Mic and Performance #1 (December 30, 2015 & January 2nd, 2016)

January 2, 2016

Aurora posing at Flappers step and repeatHere are some more of my 52 performances in 52 weeks.

I chose the Flapper’s open mic because I googled best open mics in Los Angeles. (A real scientific way to do it, huh?)

Flapper’s was listed as a great one because if it was your first time ever doing stand-up, you got a free cookie!

(It was delicious and I felt special.)

Also, it served as an audition to perform in their shows.

(Plus, you even could get notes on your performance after the show.)

So, it was pretty dope.

I told the story of no one at work thinking I was cute.

I got some notes about sprinkling in more jokes instead of just telling a story – even if the story is kind of funny. But at least they said I had good stage presence which was nice.

I also ended on my favorite joke, which revolves around Ginuwine, and his song “Pony.”

Aurora kissing the penguin at FlappersPony is one of the filthiest songs known to humankind. But if you listen to the veeeery end, past all the music and everything, he says, “I’m so tired of being alone.” And it’s like whooooa!

Genuine doesn’t just want to have sex with me because he thinks I’m hot. He just wants some human interaction… Awwwwwww. Poor Ginuwine!

So, I like that bit.

Shortly after my audition, I got an email asking it I wanted to be booked on a show!

When I went to the show, all the comics were saying how great I must be to be booked off my first open-mic. That made me kind of nervous ’cause I’m sorta like “uuuuuuh, I don’t think I’m that great at stand-up comedy, but we’ll see!”

This time, my set mainly revolved around working a phone sex line (which I did for a week or two as a break from reality television, because I felt too dirty working in reality TV. Yeah, that’s right I said it…).

Anyway, I talked about that, thinking it’d be funny – the dichotomy of the sweet girl onstage with the phone sex girl, and also the silly awkward stories. But no. People seemed to kind of think it was a little… um, maybe disgusting is the word. I dunno…

I *think* there is a way I *could* successfully do it, if I find the right jokes and right tone. But everyone talks about sex in their stand-up. And I don’t super want to be the phone sex girl. So, I think that set’s not the way to go. But that’s what’s so great about stand-up comedy. You could conceivably trying something new each time. So, we’ll see what happens!

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