Let’s Make a Deal Zonk Redemption Episode – Part 4 (Prepping)

May 9, 2016

Picking up from last time –

The night before, and morning of the taping, I studied.

I watched old Let’s Make a Deal episodes. I especially watched any rounds of Strike a Match that I could find online, as losing at Strike a Match would be the most mortifying and embarrassing thing I think I could do on Let’s Make a Deal. So, I practiced on that memory game.

As I started to get ready, there was a part of me that was still sort of holding the stress of getting the day off work (as the deal hadn’t even been finalized until just a day or too earlier).

But then I thought, “okay, you have the day. So don’t let anything else weigh on you. Just enjoy the day.” I put on some music and jammed out as I got dressed and brushed my teeth and such.

Before I left the house, I filled my bag with unnecessary crap. Usually, I like to try to keep my wallet free of tons of change or old receipts and things. Not today. Just in case I played a game where someone had to guess if I had something in my purse, I brought everything I’d ever seen Wayne ask for (in that game) – coupons, various bills, tons of change (so I could make a dollar, or even five dollars, however he asked for it.

I also brought supplies to make an anti-zonk pamphlet, in case anyone around me forgot to check twitter and wanted to have one for the Quickie Deals.

I brought everything I could think of (and felt so silly in the process (with my overflowing bag)).

Once I made it down to the studio, I talked a bit with the people in line. Usually, I think odds are pretty good of being able to get on a game show like Price or Deal. But on Zonk Redemption, you’re automatically up against way more people than you would be otherwise!

Usually those shows don’t pick two people in the same group (unless it’s Let’s Make a Deal, and it’s specifically a game for a couple of some sort). So, automatically the audience is more than cut in half for you because of how many people are in groups.

However, on this day, since everyone went alone, you’re actually up against every single person. Not only that, every single person has been deemed worthy of being a contestant in the past.

And we’ll pick up here tomorrow.

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