Have I Mentioned I Loooove My Job? Part 1 – (Some Cool Stuff That’s Happened)

June 16, 2016

A selfie of Aurora from 3am
(This is a random selfie I took to commemorate still being in the office at 3am back when I was an assistant and we had to turn something around so fast)

I am well aware that the answer is yes. That, in fact, I mention it all the time. I love my job.

I really, really, really, really, really, really love it.

(Really. Haha.)

So, I thought I’d recap a few wonderful things that have happened since becoming an editor.

Exactly one month after officially becoming an editor in the credits (so, April 14th), Larry watched stuff in my office for the first time.

It was kind of nerve-wracking. And it was also silly because I’ve talked to him numerous times at this point. And my name is on the door. And yet, when he said, “Aurora” – telling me what cuts I should make and such – I thought, “Oh my goodness gracious! Larry knows my name.”

So, that was fun.

It’s also slightly more common now that he, or the executive producer, will come check something out in my bay. It’s cool. I’m a real grown-up editor, y’all!

For instance, the other day, a bunch of stuff came in during re-write. We built a whole montage – in rewrite! (And there were a bunch of other changes as well.) My hands were practically on fire with all the changes.

(Hyperbole, obviously, there… But still. A bunch of changes, is the point.)

And Larry and our EP came in to watch with the producer who was working with me. And they laughed. The producer told them other options they could do. But Larry was like, “No, this is funny. This is good.” And we sent it in. I was so proud of us!

We’re really doing it! Working under pressure, working quickly, and putting out good stuff. I’m so happy to be on this team!

One other nice thing that happened was that on April 20th, we built a Hillary montage. And in rehearsal, after Larry saw it, he laughed and said, “Nice job, team.”

I love when people laugh at what we make. I love how much everyone on the staff is so team-focused and thankful for everything. This is truly a magical place to work, and I am so super lucky to be here.

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