San Diego Zoo VIP Tour (June 4, 2016) – Part 1

July 17, 2016

Aurora De Lucia at the San Diego ZooWhen I first got there, there was a protest going on by an anti-zoo organization.

I’d just been at the zoo earlier in the week for the Early Morning with the Pandas. And I’d heard about conservation efforts. Not to mention, I was just at Safari Park… I mean, my understanding is that they’re basically helping to rebuild species that are on the verge of extinction.

After my adventures with the San Diego Zoo family, I’m coming in hot “pro-zoo.”

…But I’m also getting pro-zoo information from the zoo itself. So, you know… Bias and all of that.

I truly don’t know what to believe or fight for when it comes to animals and zoo and all of this, and I hope I’m not on the wrong side of the issue or history here…

But anyway, let’s get into the tour itself.

I felt bad for my awesome guide Sara, because she had a huge job in front of her. I’d already met oh so many animals at Safari Park.

But she showed my a great time!

First up, I got to literally crawl inside of an exhibit with these cool Galapagos Tortoises. They like to be pet under their necks. So, we were buddies. (And one was over 130 years old! Can you imagine?)

Then, I got to go to the reptile place and pet a few snakes and an iguana. Some of the reptiles were names after characters from Frozen (Sven and Olaf), which I thought was cute and funny.

After that, I got to pet an adooooorable little 3-banded armadillo. (Armando Santiago is his name.)

We took a trip around to check out the capuchins. I didn’t get to pet any or anything. But a zookeeper talked to me about the cool animals. There was one in there much older than almost everybody else. And he was an adorable, awesome little fighter.

After that, I sat down to a nice little salad lunch while Sara went off to do change some itinerary – to try to find yet more animals to become friends with!

And this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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