San Diego Zoo Centennial Celebration (June 4, 2016)

July 19, 2016

Aurora and her new friends at the San Diego Zoo dinnerAs I was planning my San Diego trip, it just so happened that the 100 year anniversary dinner was happening while I was out there.

I will admit, I was still pretty sick. So, I was exhausted. But, by golly, I was gonna do that San Diego vacation for all it was worth! So, I went to the dinner.

I sat with a bunch of lovely people who loved animals and the zoo.

(This is a small observation, and I hope doesn’t come off judge-y in any way, but I was surprised by the incredible lack of vegetarians at this dinner. There was some part of me that thought if we were at a dinner to celebrate animals, that there would be all these animal-loving vegetarians… And of course you can love animals and not be a vegetarian… I just expected more. And it was a wee surprising to me… (Random observation.))

Aaaaanyway… The night started off with an animal presentation. They brought out various animals and told us about them as people milled about and had appetizers and drinks. Then we moved down a level of the restaurant for the main meal.

Around the restaurant, they had maps of the zoo and Balboa Park from across the years as things expanded and changed (and even maps were drawn differently).

We also got this nice presentation about how the zoo started and the good work it’s done. And they encouraged us to use our coasters as a fun addition to our selfies for social media. (I thought that part was kind of brilliant!)

Soon, it was time for sleep – as I had to be up at some super early hour the next morning. And I’ll get to the half marathon tomorrow.

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