The Venice Canals (Of Los Angeles) (June 8, 2016)

July 28, 2016

Lyle and Aurora at the Venice Canals Los Angeles[Yeah, yes, yeah. I am still toootally playing catch up. Please bear with me. I’m sorry. But I think we’re getting there… Maybe.]

My goodness gracious, I was exhausted when I got back from San Diego.

If you haven’t read, just a quick catch-up: I got really sick with a big fever right before this humongous San Diego vacation.

And I did not help myself by continuing said trip as planned and going to bed late every night, getting up early every morning, and being in and out of water, playing with animals, and doing a half marathon.

But, I survived it all. (And I’m super hoping that thanks to my antibiotics, not one else got sick along the way.)

So, when I got back to Los Angeles, I started with a full day of sleep. (In fact a lot of the final week of my hiatus was full of sleep.)

But I still tried my best to see everybody on my list of people to see, and squeak out some more things to do from my big book of 1,0001 things to do in Los Angeles.

So, when my friend Lyle and I got our hang out time, we decided to do something a little on the later side (so I could sleep all day), and something so chill (just walking around the canals).

I have no idea what the real Venice Canals are like (in a faraway land of Europe), but I can tell you the LA ones are pretty peaceful, and seemingly pretty sprawling. It felt like we could keep crossing streets and making turns and still run into waterways.

There was even a sign on a post that said, “May peace prevail on Earth.” It was just very chill and calm and quiet.

We saw a little family of ducklings running around. That was pretty cute. And many people of the neighborhood left their windows way wide open so people walking close to their homes (as the canals basically run along people’s backyards), could see into their cute home scenes.

We’re not being creepers, I promise… Though I did ask Lyle if he thought if I went up to the house of people watching TV and asked if they wanted to be friends if they’d say yes haha… We didn’t do that. We just had a nice walk in the nice air, and marked yet another thing off the Los Angeles list. Poof!

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