This Was The Best Job I’ve Ever Had

August 15, 2016

Aurora at The Nightly ShowAs you probably heard, The Nightly Show was officially cancelled today. This will be our last week of shows.

I know that it is so cliché to talk about how it’s better to have had something and lost it than to never have had anything at all…

But I feel that way.

This was truly amazing – just everything about it.

I talked about how I always felt like I was living in a dream, and I meant that.

I’ve already talked at length about my time on The Nightly Show:

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And those are just some of my posts about it…

One thing I looooove is that… no matter what happens or what I work on, for the rest of my life… my first job as an editor will always be on a Jon Stewart-produced show that made people laugh while starting important conversations.

(In fact, I also talked about how Jon Stewart changed my life.)

For yeeeeeears, I applied to work under the Busboy Productions umbrella. And not only did I finally get to do it, but I got my first job as an editor here.

Yes, there were tears shed today. It’s been an interesting day in the building. Some crying… mainly laughter.

I have had many, many jobs. But this is the first one that really felt like more than a job – this was a lifestyle. This was a family. This was magic.

And I count myself as one of the luckiest people in the world to have been able to experience it.

I look forward to loving our final shows!

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