My Final Morning At The Nightly Show

August 18, 2016

Aurora modeling on the set of The Nightly Show on the last dayThe perfect day.

The day started with a gorgeous staff meeting. Our EP gave us a beautiful speech about how we shouldn’t consider ourselves failures at all… It was kind of along the lines of what aired. He basically felt the same way about Jon Stewart – that cancellation is not failure.

I totally teared up. (But who didn’t?!)

Then people even started making jokes about how when we get to the wrap party, we should try not to cry the whole time… You know, “change it up a little” is what people said… Try to get some laughter in there too. (Which, spoiler alert: we did.)

I didn’t have that much work to do on the final day. (I mean, I did work Friday. So, I suppose I could’ve tried to get that work done early. But that’s not important here… I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to have one last day of talking to people around the building and taking all my last pictures and any last video tours to try to remember the place.

Aurora on a hoverboard on her last dayI even finally rode one of those hoverboards Rory and Ricky are always riding. It’s a little harder than I thought, but I didn’t fall! (Yay!)

Usually, the set is covered during the day. But on this day, it was uncovered… I don’t actually know why, but part of me guesses it was perhaps a nice little kind bonus since the crew maybe figured we’d all want our final pictures on the set. Who knows?

Aaaaanyway, people were milling about the studio during lunch. We soooo don’t usually just walk around set. (They work hard to keep it clean and working and all that jazz.) But today was a bit of a fun free-for-all.

After all the hoverboard riding, hugging, and picture taking, I went upstairs and actually kind of did my job for a little bit. I did the Ellen roll, and the Rick and Mike bumpers (in case you were wondering).

Then, I did a little actual more work. (See, it’s not like I didn’t do aaaany work. I did some stuff so I wouldn’t have to do it Friday.)

And then, alas, it was time for rehearsal.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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