My Last Day In The Nightly Show Office

August 23, 2016

Aurora giving a sad face in her office
(Giving a sad face in my Nightly Show gear at my Nightly Show desk)

While I was sad on the last taping day, I was happy in knowing I got to come in the last day…

I forgot to mention this in my post about our last taping day. But I thought I’d be pretty okay… And then I literally cried as I walked out my door to go to work.

I remembered when I left my apartment on my first day as an editor – when I turned on my music and got amped up – ready to go.

And when I turned on my music to get amped up for this special day, that editor day just flashbacked to me so hard.

It seemed like yesterday!

And becoming an editor was one of the best things that ever happened to me… So, to know that was the last day was so sad…

So, on Friday, I didn’t amp up. I just quietly went to work. I was one of the first people there (’cause I had a lot to do).

I’d already cleaned out my office. I put up the last video on Facebook (from the previous night’s show), and delivered some paperwork to the network.

In the middle of the day, as things were exporting, I went down to the storage room and stocked up on just a wee lil more swag.

Then, I did some exports for the crew. I figured since they were things I want, other people might want them too.

I sent out Jon Stewart’s speech to all of us during rehearsal, and a bit he did. And after the taping, everybody hugged each other on stage. And I sent all the camera angles of that so everybody could find their hugs. (There were some really cute ones in there.)

I saved a bunch of episodes on my computer for my own reel. Basically, it was my last day to get anything for myself and others, and to turn anything else in to Viacom. It was busy, and thankfully I got everything done that I needed – just barely.

As I left 15 minutes late, one of the lovely security guards lovingly joked, “It wouldn’t be the last day if Aurora wasn’t working late!” – which was so true.

For my first months there, I was just always there and the last one out so often. So, it all really came full circle.

I even got to finally give that security guard a hug (since usually that’s against protocol – but I don’t work there anymore!).

And then I left. I walked down those steps one last time, looked up at the awning, and went home and cried.

I know I mention crying a lot. (We all cried a lot. This wasn’t just me being emotional…) But you know, it was all sad. And great. And weird. And bittersweet. It was just a lot. I dunno… Sigh.

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