My Week Working On Dancing With The Stars – Part 2 (Marilu And Derek)

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

marilu-henner-derek-hough-and-aurora-at-rehearsalPicking up from yesterday –

People kept getting to shuffle around between producers and dancers. So, while I love having a rapport with one team, there was something nice about working with multiple people while I was there.

Marilu is incredibly full of energy. And she’s so fit and gorgeous. My goodness. I wish I moved and acted like her. After meeting her, I feel like age is nothing anymore.

And yes, her memory thing is super impressive. And it just comes out at random times if someone mentions something random, or asks her a question, etc.

Derek is also very nice and really down to earth. They both made sure to introduce themselves to everyone in the room – as if we weren’t going to know who they were. It was very kind of them.

They were nice enough to take selfies at the end with me. (Derek took them and led the way for us to make a bunch of different faces, which was fun.)

At one of the breaks, I told Marilu what a big fan my dad is of hers, and after rehearsal, she asked, “Can we call your dad?” What?!

She offered that up. And she talked to my dad like a complete and total sweetheart. It was such a fun day.

Now that I’ve gotten all the celebrity stuff out of the way (since I figured that’s what you’d kind of care about), I also just wanted to remember how fun it is to be an assistant in the field again.

Even on America’s Got Talent, I felt pretty confident the more cities I went to. But here, I felt really pretty confident. One of the producers I worked with seemed surprised (and delighted) when I’d already matched my computer’s time code with his camera before he asked.

I know the job was only for a week, and was really just for fun more than anything else. But I wanted to do the very best job I could. And he seemed to notice that, and I appreciated it.

So, there you have it!

Oh, last thing. I did get to meet Vanilla Ice after all at the end of my last day! He was next up in the room. I said, “Hi, I’m Aurora.” He introduced himself as Rob. We shook hands and then we watched this internet video he’d been showing everybody.

It was a great week. And who knows. Maybe if they’re in New York again next season, I can go hang for a bit again! 🙂

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