Nightly Show Giveaway Day!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Now that we’ve all been away for a few weeks, we all got to come back for one more day!

Our production staff worked hard sorting things, returning things, all that jazz.

And then we all got to come in and grab props from the set (or even things people didn’t want from their offices).

Since I only live 4 blocks away, I got to take a fair amount of stuff (and some of the big stuff).

It was pretty funny, because when we first walked in, there were these rules – “nothing more than what fits in one tote bag!” And as we reached the final hour, staff members were basically begging us to take things. “Can you take this box of hats?”

Yeah, sure.

A friend of mine is a huge fan of the show, so I got a whole bunch of stuff for her (the Rosa Parks award, some stuff from the set, etc.). Then I also got a few things for myself (a huge teddy bear that was on the set, a giant picture of Larry Wilmore/The Nightly Show logo that I used to pass on my way to my office everyday)… And I got my computer! (Eeeee!)

Then I got a freaking ton of swag – some of which will be sent to people on twitter. Some of which will be given to my family. Some of which I have no idea what to do with… (So, I guess write me if you want some!) I’m gonna end up with a freaking Nightly Show closet. (And I love that! Come on in and grab some swag!)

Most, most importantly, I got to see my TV family again and get some hugs.

As we came up the outside stairs, we saw the set being loaded out of the bottom door. (Awwwww!) It’s sad, but you know… we’re moving on!

Lastly, there was such a wonderful, beautiful, sweet act of kindness given to me on the last day.

There is this incredibly lovely woman who worked there… On my very first day, she saw my trying to take a selfie close to the set and ripped the cover off the desk, turned on the stage lights, then took 1,000 photos for me haha. And on the last day, she heard me say how much I reeeeally wanted one of those dark mugs from the set. And SHE SAVED ONE FOR ME!

She handed it to me at giveaway day like the sweetheart she is.

I know you may know this… but this was the best job I ever had with the best people. Even if I never work another day in my life (though, please don’t let that come true), I am still one of the luckiest people to set foot on this planet.

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