Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 2016 (Hillary Clinton!)

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

hillary-side-by-side-with-aurora-laughingIn case you don’t know, every year, I run the Halloween half marathon as a different inspiring woman.

I’ve been wanting to go as Hillary for years. Heck, if it were up to me, I might go as her every year, because Hillary amazes me. To me, she is the ultimate inspiring women. I almost went as her last year after she totally kicked butt in the Benghazi hearings.

Buuuuut, it was kind of last minute. And approximation of her suits are nearly impossible to find. She has these very interesting cuts and colors. For the most part, she doesn’t have anything for which you can just go get an approximation at Macy’s or something… And last year, I felt there was just too much going on to make it happen.

Plus, I figured, “Why not wait until she’s the Presidential nominee officially? That’ll be even more inspiring! (As if somehow she can be even more inspiring… but let’s get real. She will be when she’s Madam President)”

There were people at that point who were like, “Well, don’t wait! What if Bernie Sanders wins?!” (I mean, I know anything is possible, but I was preeeeetty confident in her.)

So, I waited a year.

Then, this year, she has absolutely killed it in so many moments. I could’ve dressed as her from the convention, or from any of her debates. But I just looooved the way she came out in that power red for the first debate. (You are doing this girl! Get it, Hillary!!!)

I started trying to look for suits, and came up against the same problems… They still were hard to replicate. I still was doing this last minute-ish (but not as last-minute as last year!)… I thought about just going as swimmer Katie Ledecky or gymnast Simone Biles (both humongously inspiring). After all, I can’t go as them next year…

And think about Hillary’s inauguration outfit! I’m sure it’s gonna be so gorgeous! Wouldn’t it be fun to go as her when she’s actually President, and not just running?

…But I can’t keep putting it off every year. Even if I go as President Hillary Rodham Clinton next year, I can still go as candidate Clinton this year. And she can be the first person I dress up as two years in a row. I looooove her. (And quite honestly, I should’ve gone as her last year too. So, time to stop waiting!)

Time to get that impossible suit…

I enlisted the help of Ailys – the woman who helped me find the Caitlyn Jenner outfit last year.

Of course the suit didn’t just exist as is (because as I said yesterday, approximations of Hillary’s clothes at the consumer level are practically impossible to find).

So, Ailys found this coat-ish thing for the top. It was like a… I don’t totally know how to describe it. But originally, it just came to together at the very top (under the neck), and then that big front opening fanned out to the bottom.

So, even if you got a bigger size than you needed (which we did), you couldn’t just pull the sides together. It wasn’t built or designed that way. So, she found similar fabric at a store, cut the sides of the jacket, and added fabric panels in a V-shape to make it so the top would close like Hillary’s.

She also moved the pocket flaps (that had faced sideways) to facing downward (like Hillary’s). And, she found red pantsuit-pants, and even cut off the top and made them of a jersey-type of material so they’d be easier to run in, but look like a pantsuit to anyone who’d see me.

She also found earrings to match Hillary’s. So, thank goodness for Ailys (and TaskRabbit, where I met her).

As far as the wig was concerned, she didn’t have time for that business with all the work she had to do on the costume.

I did a little searching online, but all the wigs I saw labeled “Hillary wigs” looked kinda cheap and not totally like her/her haircut.

I kept kind of putting the wig off because there was other stuff to do (in life in general, not just with this race).

And as I was on the plane to Los Angeles, the day before the race (to pick up my packet), I got wifi and hired a taskrabbit to get the wig. He kept sending me pictures, and the women in the seats on both sides of me helped saying, “Too golden,” “too short,” etc. until we all agreed – that’s generally the color. It’s long, but I’ll just get someone to cut it.

Now, looking back on it, it was perhaps a dumb decision to get someone to cut it because wouldn’t it have been easier to just have a wig that was already the right length and not add an extra step? Yes. Yes it would’ve been.

But it just seemed like a good healthy looking wig and the right color. So, how hard could cutting it be?

As I walked around the expo, I called Super Cuts and they wouldn’t cut synthetic hair. Thankfully, one of my roommates is a hairdresser. She was booked all night for some event, but she was able to help me out at 4:30 in the morning before the race!

After I picked up my packet, Ailys came by in the late afternoon (with the original non-closeable costume) for fittings and such. She went home and altered everything, and then she came back around 1:30 or so in the morning.

…Thankfully I had amazing people around me doing work. I can only imagine how exhausted they were, because I was exhausted just getting up at all these weird early hours.

So, once it was around 6:15am and the costume and wig and everything was done, I threw on some mascara and lipstick, and headed down to the race.

Quick note about the costume: I will say, the only thing I felt a little weird about this year is that, you know, I’m a little bit fat (and I’m pretty darn curvy). And if I wear the right thing, I can look not quite so fat and try to just accentuate curves… But if I wear something a little more boxy, then I start to look a lot more fat…

I’m NOT saying Queen Hillary (;)) is fat, btw. I’m just saying I can’t pull off her red suit. So, that was a little… um, not like disconcerting, but.. it was just a little uncomfortable… a little weird… a Little something.

Also, Kate MicKinnon always looks amazing in Hillary garb. So, maybe it’s just me being fat and not the suit’s fault! Could be

Anyway, whatever, man! More important to pick a great inspiring moment and try to get it right than to look super pretty or whatever. (She is gorgeous, btw. Gorgeous… That just doesn’t mean that I will be in her clothes, if that makes sense…) Anyway, race time!

Usually, hearing the national anthem is my cue to get my butt down there if I haven’t already.

(I live so close, I can just run down at the start, because it always takes at least half an hour (usually longer) for all the corrals to go through… LA is a treat that way, in that I can really take all the time I want…)

But this time, I was the one singing the National Anthem, so I got down there before the race (as a normal person normally does). It still took me longer to walk through the crowd than I thought it would… So, I only got to the front with 3 minutes to spare.

(I know this because when I apologized for cutting it so close, the guy laughed and said “Eh, you’ve got 3 whole minutes to spare! Relax! Take a load off!” haha)

I sang the national anthem, watched some corrals past, and eventually made it on my merry way.

Along the way, I had random people run up to me and ask for a selfie. I felt a little famous. It was pretty fun!

I also had people yelling from the sidelines things like, “Go Hillary!” or “I’m with her!”

Usually, I just yelled back, “Don’t forget to vote!” There was a point on the course where this group with signs kept talking about repenting and fire and brimstone and all of that. When I passed them, someone yelled out, “You’re in a man’s suit! A man’s suit!” (Which, I don’t even know what that means… Technically I wasn’t in a suit at all. Ailys just made it look like one.)

Then they said, “You must be Killary Clinton!” And they just kept yelling. Some women then basically surrounded me. “We got you… Do you need help?” And we just jogged out of there as a pack strong together. (Just like Hillary always says, “stronger together,” right? :-))

I also met Katie along the way – she was dressed as a “personal email server.” She was happy to find her Hillary. We laughed, stuck together, and did the rest of the race together.

This was a really fun morning.

Another one in the books. Can’t wait to go as inauguration Hillary next year. I’m sure she’s gonna be gooooorgeous!

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