I Also Really Miss New York (And Kinda Just My Life…) Basically, My “Fairy Tale” Was Ruined (Ish)

April 4, 2017

[Oh another back post. And here is a whiny one…]

[This is a post in the sexual assault series, and tomorrow I’m doing a healthier one, so today, I’m gonna need to wallow…]

Yesterday, I talked about how much I miss holding hands. Today, I want to talk about everything else.

I feel like I could do a whole blog series about various things I miss. But oh my gosh, this post is exhausting enough. I’m just gonna give the overview. And the overview (other than holding hands, which we covered) is New York.

I miss my love for it so so so so much.

I think about how I used to look out the window of the uber every week to BMI and just be in love. I thought about how I used to walk all the way home (I think about 4 miles-ish) from BMI, because I just always wanted to be walking through the city.

I miss the excitement. I miss the incredible excitement of first moving and how it all was an adventure.

I miss feeling joy and possibility.

I miss calmness. I miss it all.

I thought this was gonna be suuuuuch a long post detailing every little piece of every little thing I miss, but I don’t even know that I have it in me to write it – or that I even fully understand every little piece, when they thing is, I just miss all of it so much.

I miss walking down the street being excited about exploring the city, rather than being on edge.

I miss possibility.

I miss it all. I miss everything so much.

Excuse me while I go cry on the floor in the fetal position.

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