1st Night In Manchester

May 27, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.29.20 AM(I’m sorry. I know I’m wildly behind. I think I can finally catch up! So, I’m gonna keep writing this last trip sorta like it’s real-time. So, go with me like it’s the past by 2 or so weeks. xoxoxo)

Picking up from last time

At Rush, the people were quite nice, and we talked about life in Manchester and such. I asked if there was anything to do that time of night (I think it was coming around 9), and they said the only thing they knew about was Junkyard MiniGolf.

I walked around for a bit. I found an escape room that had the last game at 9:30pm. But alas, you couldn’t do it alone and there were no strangers around to ask if they’d play. So, I kept walking. I met some police officers who told me more about life in Manchester (ways the police force has been changing, life in a place with exceptionally strict gun control, and all that). They weren’t even from Manchester, but police were being brought in from all surrounding cities to give an extra presence after the bombing.

As I walked around, I saw a number of spots with flowers and cards. Of course it was pretty emotional. It was an exceptionally sad attack, but really moving how the city was coming together.

One thing that was slightly weird, and I feel weird pulling back the curtain on this probably very mild secret… I saw people shooting “sad broll” outside of the arena… Like, I saw a camera crew giving a count-in and taping a pre-determined thing of someone walking by looking sad and wistful around the arena… I didn’t realize they manufacture sad b-roll. I mean, of course it makes sense… And it’s much nicer than taping unsuspecting mourners. And maybe it doesn’t happen all the time. Or maybe they were doing that for something else, not just bombing broll. But it was just a slightly odd thing to witness.

I did eventually make it to Junkyard MiniGolf. It was this indoor place that was felt themed all rough and tumble or what have you – kind of like what I imagine a biker bar would be like in a movie… Kind of like the almost Disnified version of tough (like, not actually Disney themed, but like a fake scariness almost). Anyway, I don’t know if I’m making any sense at all, but the point is that it wasn’t really my scene and I wasn’t in the mood to do a round of mini golf alone in this super loud place. (Sometimes I jokingly say “my baby ears!” ’cause I’m not always great when music is suuuuper loud… I don’t care if you call me an old lady for that. We only get one set of ears!) So, I took my baby ears and moved along.

Then I was just walking around aimlessly with no plan, and that’s when I met this man on the street who was a liiiittle drunk and walking around saying out loud (to nobody? to everybody?) how hot it was. It was warm indeed, but didn’t seem exceptionally hot. So, I asked, “is it not always this hot?” He erupted in laughter and started taking me around to different people, asking if it was always that hot. Then everyone started laughing, and started exaggerating how, “Why, it hasn’t been this hot since 1973!” So, I got the lesson in how it is always rainy and never hot.

Then, this guy and I started talking about his love for American politics and Hillary Clinton. (So, obviously he’s my new best friend.) And then I ended up going to this gay club with him and meeting even more cool people. And this is where I’ll pick up next time!

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