Day 3 At The Daily Show! (I Just Feel So In Control)

June 7, 2017

(and old pic of me and my new boss :-))
(An old pic of me and my new boss :-))

I won’t just be doing “Days at The Daily Show” posts forever. But I’m doin’ ’em right now!

It is truly amazing to feel just so right at home at the Avid… When I worked on The Nightly Show, I thought I was plenty competent, and ultimately things always worked out. But sometimes I got a little flustered here and there – trying to remember all the little things you have to do before you turn in a roll – but having to do it at the last minute as we’re adding stuff so quickly…

And sometimes being asked questions that it felt like it took me a little too long to figure out.

I was good enough to do the job, but with any job there’s a learning curve and I was in it.

But now, I know what I’m doing!

Even though every single person at The Nightly Show treated me with oh so much respect (and like an editor after I became one), it never changed the fact that I still just was the baby editor. That’s who I was. I was the newest editor still learning. And people were patient and kind and lovely. But it feels a lot nicer to be “the girl who’s done this before.” “Oh, she cut headlines at The Nightly Show.”

It feels good to feel in control at the computer – like I can do whatever it is people need me to do. I can keep up with the pace okay. It’s more like second nature now.

And I just love it!

Until tomorrow…

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