Cory Booker on Another Round

July 30, 2017

Another Cory Booker post!

Yes, I saw him speak two days in a row. So cool, right?

[Edited to add: The episode is out! I highly recommend a listen. You can check it out here. (I couldn’t totally figure out how to link it from iTunes, so it’s episode 98, if you want.)]

Anyway, here are some of my favorite things he said.

He talks about hope a lot. But he got more into it in this episode, saying, “Hope is a response – it’s a conviction. You can’t have great hope unless you have great despair. Hope is saying that despair will never have the last word – no matter how vicious and evil things get, hope is saying, I still believe and I will be an agent of hope, a fighter of hope. I will bleed for hope. I will conjure hope out of nothingness.
And so, I don’t care how bad things get… At every moment during the day, I want to be someone who is living hope – not preaching it, but working it every single day.”

And I thought that was really beautiful.

He also talked about being someone who struggles with his weight (which resonated with me since I’ve been struggling with mine this year more than I have in the past 4). He said he stumbles and falls and doesn’t live up to his values sometime (which, again, resonated with me, as you know, it’s been a tough time in the last year or two blah blah blah). But, as people always do, he talked about how we have to keep getting up anyway.

It was a good podcast full of some hilarious laughter, some great inspiration, some silliness – it’s everything you expect from Cory Booker. So, give it a listen (if you want)!

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