“What? You Like Pizza?”

August 3, 2017

Yay! A happy story!!!

I was gonna try to save all the happy stories to come after all the sad posts because the timeline and everything is already murky enough while I’m backposting…

But. I also want us to feel *some* joy in the midst of all the sad backposting 😂 So, I’m sharing this story now.

The other day, a friend of mine that I became pretty close with only after all the assault stuff (so, he didn’t know before)… he was on the phone with me, and he heard me move a plate. And he was like “what are you eating?”


“Pizza? I thought you hated pizza.”

And it didn’t dawn on me until that moment that I was just having pizza, and I was totally fine.

Assault guy and I had eaten pizza on that fateful night. And my net has flung way too far wide of all the bajillions of things that disgust me that has never disgusted me before.

But he loved pizza and talked about it kind of a lot, and was on a quest to try every place’s pizza, etc etc. Pizza was a big deal for him, and our dinner that night.

(Coincidentally, it had also been a pizza restaurant that he took me to on the fateful night I thought about too much – where he apologized to me for treating me poorly and I let it go so fast that it feels like I set an awful precedent and was assaulted less than one week later.)

Aaaaaanyway, whenever people had offered me pizza after that, I was like “oh, no thank you,” and if they asked why or pushed even a little, I was like “I don’t really like pizza, sorry.”

So, this person who was on the phone with me had always seen me turn it straight down. We’d been to two parties where everyone was eating pizza and I didn’t. He’d kept seeing and hearing that I kinda hated pizza.

And one day I saw pizza as an option when I was looking at food choices and I thought “that sounds good.” And I ordered it without a second thought.

I can personally see a lot of the ways I’m getting better. Some are very apparent to me. But this surprise way was so fun.

[p.s. We can argue that I shouldn’t be eating “normal” pizza anyway, as I like to try to be more vegan-ish than not, and pizza isn’t super good for you. I’m not trying to argue that pizza’s so amazing and I’m gonna be a huge fan forever. I’m just saying I’m taking this specific thing as a win, and I am pretty stoked about it 😊]

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