Still, Nothing Feels Better Than California

August 20, 2017

[Still catching up! This is from Sunday.]

I know that I want to love New York again. I believe it is possible, sure. I know I’m working hard in therapy, and that I’m even on the path to recovery. And all that is great.

But as it stands right now, nothing feels as good as California. I’m the most “Aurora” version of Aurora in California. Breathing feels easier. I go work out. (I even went to two different classes on Sunday! Two isn’t like “a lot” in terms of what I used to do, but if I went to two workout classes a day, I think I could be pretty happy with that.)

There was no stress eating, nothing bad. I happily went to work out, lazed a bit very comfortably around my apartment, and had the most delicious kale/tofu salad. Food just tastes… greener(?) out there… I don’t even know if that’s a thing that’s tastable, but it feels like it is to me. And I’m into it.

So, I know I’ve been getting better. But I still reeeeally feel the difference when I go home. Maybe someday it won’t be that way. We’ll seeeee!

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