…Or I Could Just Be Cranky Forever

November 14, 2013

I know it was only yesterday that I was all, “think outside myself.” “Don’t have crankiness be the lens at which I look through life.”

But then… There was some kind of leak downstairs so they came to look in our apartment for it. When the maintenance people come at noon, on my night-working/day-sleeping schedule, it’s as though they’re coming to do work at 3:30am (for a normal person’s schedule).

They tore apart my bathroom. It’s non-functional. And now they just keep coming at noon to do more work. I feel like it’s never going to stop. I’m never going to enjoy REM sleep ever again. And I’m just going to be cranky forever.

2 thoughts on “…Or I Could Just Be Cranky Forever”

  1. any way to get them to come a lot earlier or a lot later? How are you functioning without a bathroom?!?! I know how important sleep is and I really know how awful I feel when I don’t sleep well (which is often) SO, with that said, your crankiness is not only understandable but it is valid! The only great thing about bad days, is that they help us to really appreciate good days! Hang in there! Would love to hear from you. <3

    1. I’ve been using my roommate’s bathroom, and in the hours when she’s asleep (since we have opposing schedules) in order not to wake her, I’ve been using the building’s lounge bathroom.

      And I didn’t ask if they could come at different times because I didn’t think they’d have to come for multiple days. But it actually seems like it’s all over now. (Yay!)

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