Saturday, June 18th, 2016
Aurora holding a rope at the Pacific Science Center

Lifting 500 pounds with the power of science :-)

Okay, now that we’ve taken a break to talk about how much I adore my job… Let’s get back to the whole Seattle trip! :-)

While in Seattle, I totally got the City Pass – and was determined to do everything on it during my weekend. It was hard, but doable.

1st stop – Pacific Science Center.

This was a pretty super interactive museum. There was a place before the Wellness Studio (which delved even more into your body) where you could play with things that tested your eyesight (I scored better than 20/20 – what’s up?), your flexibility, your hand/eye coordination (with both hands separately), and all that jazz.

Then, once in the wellness studio, they had exhibits on everything about you! Your breath, your sleep, your aging, and on and on. It was all covered in there. they had games (such as having this big fake cafeteria, where you could take up different play foods and add up calorie counts and such.

They had a machine that showed you how you aged normally versus how you aged if you smoked, or got too much sun, or were obese.

They basically had all kinds of cool stuff. They had an exhibit with dinosaurs. They had a big outdoor courtyard. They had a thing about the environment.

It’s a worthwhile place to visit. I heard differing stuff about if the laser show was cool/worth it. So, being that I was short on time and that it was basically like any laser thing you’ve seen, I left to go to the zoo! …But if you’ve seen the laser show and wanna tell me about it, write it up in the comments! xo

Friday, June 17th, 2016
Aurora De Lucia in her nightly show hat

(in my Nightly Show hat)

Another thing that makes me feel so proud to work where I do…i

There was an incredibly filibuster done by Chris Murphy the other night. I stayed up ’til 2am, and watched until he finished.

I looove politics. I love watching politics happen. I love connecting with people on twitter while it’s happening. I loved doing it with the amazing Wendy Davis filibuster. I loved doing it when they were discussing #SB1 in Hawaii. Politics is my jam.

And it used to be that I’d be watching stuff in the background at work as I was doing something mindless. Or, maybe I’d be doing it at home, if it wasn’t during my working hours…

But at my job now, when the filibuster was over, I knew that I’d be waking up to edit parts of it, to continue the conversation.

We are continuing conversations! We are pushing important issues in the world.

I mean, I’m not implying I’m anywhere neeeeeearly as important as Chris Murphy, or the people in our legislative bodies doing so much work…

But it is possible that someone will watch our show and call her Senator. When, before this, did I ever work on a show that would make someone want to do that?

I am just proud of the work that we do.

And in a final little story (for now) about how much I just love and adore my job… The other night, we had a going away party for our head writer. I looked behind me as I was walking to apartment, and there was Larry!

We live in the same direction, and we were both walking home at the same time. So, there I was, walking the streets of New York City, just hanging out with Larry Wilmore!

(This is my life now. What?)

When he asked how long it’s been now that I’ve been there, I said I’d been there since September and it still felt like a dream. It still did not really feel like it was my real life. I said I didn’t know when it would. And he said he hopes it always feels that way – and it does for him too. That it’s still a dream for him having is own show that he gets to go to everyday.

I thought that was so cool.

We talked about work and both of us going to Los Angeles all the time. 😛 And then alas, we made it to my place. He continued on his way, and I went home.

Oh, and the party was amazing too. Goodness, I love the people I work with. I love my job. I am so lucky.

Thursday, June 16th, 2016
A selfie of Aurora from 3am

(This is a random selfie I took to commemorate still being in the office at 3am back when I was an assistant and we had to turn something around so fast)

I am well aware that the answer is yes. That, in fact, I mention it all the time. I love my job.

I really, really, really, really, really, really love it.

(Really. Haha.)

So, I thought I’d recap a few wonderful things that have happened since becoming an editor.

Exactly one month after officially becoming an editor in the credits (so, April 14th), Larry watched stuff in my office for the first time.

It was kind of nerve-wracking. And it was also silly because I’ve talked to him numerous times at this point. And my name is on the door. And yet, when he said, “Aurora” – telling me what cuts I should make and such – I thought, “Oh my goodness gracious! Larry knows my name.”

So, that was fun.

It’s also slightly more common now that he, or the executive producer, will come check something out in my bay. It’s cool. I’m a real grown-up editor, y’all!

For instance, the other day, a bunch of stuff came in during re-write. We built a whole montage – in rewrite! (And there were a bunch of other changes as well.) My hands were practically on fire with all the changes.

(Hyperbole, obviously, there… But still. A bunch of changes, is the point.)

And Larry and our EP came in to watch with the producer who was working with me. And they laughed. The producer told them other options they could do. But Larry was like, “No, this is funny. This is good.” And we sent it in. I was so proud of us!

We’re really doing it! Working under pressure, working quickly, and putting out good stuff. I’m so happy to be on this team!

One other nice thing that happened was that on April 20th, we built a Hillary montage. And in rehearsal, after Larry saw it, he laughed and said, “Nice job, team.”

I love when people laugh at what we make. I love how much everyone on the staff is so team-focused and thankful for everything. This is truly a magical place to work, and I am so super lucky to be here.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
Aurora standing under the Aurora street sign

(We found my street sign!)


Welp, we got another two-week hiatus from work. There are some friends I’ve been trying to see in Seattle for a long time, and just never made the trip up there… Well, I’ve made a trip up there multiple times. But it was before any of them were living there. So, I haven’t re-made the trip… Until now!

I figured since I was already going all the way out west, why not go north first?

I landed on a Friday night, and one of my lovely friends came to pick me up from the airport.

He told me one of his favorite things to do in Seattle was go to “The Met.” I learned that’s the name of a Steakhouse. It’s called The Metropolitan, but a bunch of people call it the met – like our Met… only, it’s a steakhouse, not an art museum, which I found endearing, lovely, and funny.

He was very sweet because he looked at the menu before we went. “I gotta make sure there’s something vegetarian for you.” Awwww!

I would’ve just eaten a side, or whatever. But he was lookin’ out – which I greatly appreciated!

Turns out, there was a delicious vegetarian option with vegetables and mushrooms.

After The Met, we went to sleep. He has a dope apartment. There was a lovely view, and it was within walking distance of The Space Needle! I mean, come on. How could you better do Seattle?

The other restaurant he took me to – so as to show me all the coolest Seattle haunts – was The 5-Point Cafe. It’s open 24-hours and is supposed to be basically a little dive bar place.

They had amazing breakfast! I tried vegetarian bacon for the first time, and it was awesome!

Also, just in general, I had a great time whenever I was just hanging out at this guy’s apartment in between adventures. It’s really nice to have super nice people in your life. Yay!

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Aurora eating soup at the Marriott MarquisAnother New York thing! I’m doing it! (Kinda. I’m kind of experiencing New York!)

[…She says the night before she posts aaaaaaaall about vacations everywhere but there.]

After Aladdin, I went to the Marriott Marquis for the fancy birthday dinner of this cool person I know. It was the only thing he wanted for his dinner. So, off we went!

It’s billed as “New York’s Only Revolving Rooftop Restaurant.” I haven’t fact-checked that. But I’ll go ahead and believe it!

It was very cool. The people were nice. The waiter was lovely. The food was amaaaaaazing. Totally worth the whole snazzy expensive thing.

I’m not a super huge dessert person (though I guess as I look at my own behavior, perhaps I’m becoming one now, trying various ice cream shops and vegan cupcakes and such? …Who knows… But aaaaaanyway…)…

I don’t *feel* like a super huge dessert person. But alas! Dessert came in the 3-course pre-fixe, so it’s like, we are doing this!

And I tried the Strawberry Shortcake, and it was amazing.

Everything was A+.

As far as the actual view…

The inside of the hotel was gorgeous. And going up and down in the elevator was super fun and pretty. And the view is pretty cool… Buuuut… When you’re *right* above Times Square, you can’t really see Times Square… which, to me, is the funnest (not a word, I don’t think – but using it anyway)… the funnest part of being in Times Square!

It was still amazingly cool. It’s just something to be aware of, if you go.

We also sat right by this huge wall mirror, and it was funny because as the restaurant rotated the lights in the ceiling would be in front of, then behind the mirror. So, it would weirdly get dark and light throughout the night – which we thought was hilarious.

It was a lovely night, with lovely food, and lovely company.

(But if you wanna see Times Square, consider going to the Olive Garden – which is where I’m kinda hoping to go for my birthday. 😉

Friday, June 10th, 2016
James Iglehart hanging with Aurora De Lucia onstage at Aladdin

(hanging with my buddy backstage at Aladdin)

Oh! Look at this. Two theater posts back-to-back! Ba-bam! Who am I? And what is happening? *wipes imaginary dirt off shoulders*

So, not to be one of those people who’s all, “You know my awesome friend – oh, you know, the Tony-winning one?”

But seriously, did you know my friend won a Tony? 😉

James is one of the nicest dudes, and he as been for maaaany many years. (And I’m sure for many years even before those many years I’ve known him.)

I had been technically living in NY for about 7 months (and like, pretty for-real-ish doing it for about 3) and I still hadn’t seen this show! That was a ridiculous travesty of this world. So, I finally told him (covered in apologies), “I have to see your show!!! When can I come? Can I come next weekend?” And I did!

Wall of celeb signatures

(Wall backstage of signatures of celebs who’ve come to the show)

He. is. amazing. He eeeeeeeearned that Tony, baby! I cried at the end when *spoiler alert* Aladdin sets the genie free. Gah! I can’t think of the line right now… But it was amazing.

Also, it’s not like I didn’t know it was going to happen.., I’d seen the movie. But it was moving! I think that’s the true love story in Aladdin – the Genie and Al.

(And maybe Jasmine and her awesome power.) But I don’t reeeeeeally thing it’s Aladdin and Jasmine. But hey, that’s just my opinion. To each her own.

After the show, I got to go in through the stage door. (So cool, right?) I got to hang out on the stage. James is so super cool and famous and beloved, he had to go sign a bunch of autographs. So, he left me to wander around the stage! I looked around at all the props and set pieces, and talked to the woodwind player in the pit.

Then James came back and we caught up. And it was just so super fun – brilliant, wonderful times. I loved it.

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Aurora outside of Fully CommittedAs I’ve mentioned before, I looooove Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

So, when he’s on Broadway, basically down the freaking street, I had to go.

I happened to get out of work with just enough time to walk to Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s theater, so off I went!

Obviously he’s super talented. Blah blah blah. We can all skip over that park. We know.

At the end of the show, I got to meet him at the stage door.

When he was in Spelling Bee, I met him 40 million times. (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but he once recorded my outgoing voicemail!)

In fact, I met him so many times, and saw so much of his stuff (as much as I could) when he was not famous that he totally knew who I was. I think there may have been a point where he thought, “Who the heck is this girl?! Stop liking me so much!”

(It’s weirdly weird that it’s weird to be a superfan of someone who’s performing a lot but not famous, but it’s more normal once they are.)

So, when I met him this time, for some reason, I thought he *might* – just might – still remember me and be like, “You again?!” But no. He didn’t seem to remember me or be annoyed. I said that I’d seen basically all of his stuff all of the time and he said he thought that was so sweet.

So, here were are, being best friends almost a decade later. 😉 Yay, Jesse Tyler Ferguson!